"Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15."


President Ronald Reagan

In 2014 Long Beach elected Two REPUBLICANS to office. Councilwomen Stacy Mungo, a LBRWF member, won the Long Beach City Council race in the 5th District to become the only Republican on the Long Beach City Council. Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen won the State Senate Race for the 34th District, which encompasses part of Long Beach, and blocked the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento. Long Beach Republican Women Federated participated in both of these races and we celebrate these two women’s victories. Two Republican Victories for
Long Beach There are no Republican elections in 2015 for Long Beach at the city, county or state level. We will be using this year to grow and train our Republican troops so that we will be ready in 2016 to participate in Long Beach City Council races, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor race and the Presidential election. Long Beach Republican Women Federated will be participating in many ways to help get a REPUBLICAN ELECTED next year. Not only do we “HOPE”, we believe that the time is now for Republicans to have more leadership roles in Long Beach. Long Beach Republican Women Federated provides an avenue for political involvement for women, and men, of all ages and backgrounds who share the Republican philosophy. Join with other like-minded people for the opportunity to learn about local, state and national issues and elections. We provide access to Politicians, Candidates, and Republican Leaders at all levels of government. Our Caring for America Project shows our compassionate philosophy as we reach out to make lives better within our community. In 2015, we proudly donated $1300 to the Fisher House of Long Beach for our Caring for America project. Our mission is to develop volunteers and community leaders to help Elect REPUBLICANS by providing informative meetings and political activities Please join LBRWF at our monthly meetings the second Saturday of every month.
Long Beach Marriott- Lindbergh Room
4700 Airport Plaza Drive
9:30 am—Registration
$25 Meeting Cost includes Breakfast We would love to have you! Sue Blair President, LBRWF

LBRWF in action

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Develop volunteers and community leaders to help Elect REPUBLICANS by providing informative meetings and political activities